ICP tracker


StatuManu seeks to provide a non-invasive solution for a quick and accurate intracranial pressure (ICP) assessment. StatuManu is developing a solution that will help health care professionals (HCP) in their diagnosis of patients with suspicion of elevated ICP. Here, ICP Tracker, a software-as-a-service device, seek to provide immediate measurement and continuous monitoring by analysing fundus images to detect variations in ICP. 

ICP Tracker is the first in-kind non-invasive solution to accurately track changes in ICP and thereby assist in the correct diagnosis with no patient preparation. No other known products facilitate an immediate and accurate assessment of changes in ICP without any interference with the patient’s eyes*. 

ICP Tracker seeks to be an aid for HCPs attending to adult patients 18+ years with suspected changes in ICP. The device is intended to be used in connection with existing clinical procedures and is not intended to be used as a stand-alone diagnostic tool.  

The output does not replace a comprehensive clinical evaluation, but only provides an element for preliminary assessment. The HCP is responsible for determining the additional HCP information that may be required to make a diagnosis. 

*Our method is yet not certified 

Non-invasive pressure measurement provides the opportunity for fast investigation and diagnosis of conditions with suspected elevated intracranial Pressure

- Andersen et al.


Today, ICP is measured and monitored exclusively through invasive in-hospital procedures.  

The current gold standard is the use of an intraventricular catheter, which is complex and invasive as it entails drilling trough the cranium to insert the catheter into the ventricular system of the brain.  

The surgical procedure is carried out in the operating room by highly specialized personnel, with a high cost per patient and a non-negligible risk of infection and hemorrhage. At present, there are no reliable ways to measure intracranial pressure non-invasively.  

A valid non-invasive technique for objective measurement of intracranial pressure will be a significant step forward in the management of acutely ill and conscious people patients with potential elevated ICP without the need for surgical intervention or intensive therapy. 

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